Saturday, April 24, 2010

1 year down...1 to go!!!

April 19, 2010

hello my oh-so-amazing family,

this are going quite well here in Angré. got another baptism this saturday. the doors to this area really have opened up quickly. we're finding people left and right, and the members' level of confidence in us has grown significantly. i guess i got here at just the right moment. my companion, elder bongoua, got transferred to marcory... so i am now with elder sadia, a four-foot-nothing missionary with the voice of a pre-teenage girl. he's got about four months left of his mission, so he's kinda annoying and treats me like a 'greenie,' but i'm his district leader, and i am three feet taller than him too, so i get my share as well. by the way...


anyways, sadly one of the missionaries that came with me is going home, elder woolward, due to health issues. feel bad for him, but honestly he told me he's excited to go home... i'd rather return with honor.

we got the liahona magazines for april. strangely it talked alot about marriage. i read that thing in about 3 minutes. VERY interesting. i'm gonna be keeping those thoughts after my mission as well...

the water and electricity has been cutting out non-stop this week. actually there is no water in the appartment right about now, so i'm hoping that the water coes in the night... guess we'll see!

so a year ago today, i gave my farewell talk in sacrament meeting at church. that is absolutely nuts. dad to answer your questions (i guess, the questions i should ask myself...), YES to all of the above. of course i miss everyone terribly, and its way hard, but seeing how much i have grown, physically and spiritually, i am syked to see where i'll be in another 52 short weeks.

well thats all for this week, just know that i love you all, i miss you all, and that i'll be talking to you all soon!!! by the way...


much love,

elder call"

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