Saturday, April 24, 2010

Small small world...

From the Senior Missionaries serving in Ryan's area...

Dear Parents,

My husband and I are serving as senior missionaries in Ghana, West Africa. Our assignment is as the Area Family History Advisors. We travel all over West Africa training Priesthood leaders and Family History workers. We were in Cote d'Ivoire last week and happened to be worshipping in the same ward where your son serves. He was sitting behind us in Sacrament meeting and kindly translated some of the talks for us.

When we asked him where he was from, we were surprised to hear him say 'Columbus, Ohio.' We then said, 'What is your Father's name?; What is your Grandfather's name?' We knew a Dickson Call at Ohio State University between 1951 and 1957. We think he was studying mathematics and married the daughter of the District President Harvey. Could this be the same one? Was it just an interesting coincidence that we happened to meet your son?

Elder Call is healthy and happy. He and his companion seem to get along very well. He is doing very well with the French language. They had three investigators there at Church. We'll enclose photos of him and his companions with their investigators and of him with us. He didn't know his Grandfather's e-mail but was sure you would pass this along.

Sister Bevan was Pat Campbell. She graduated from Ohio State in Elementary Education. Elder Bevan is John, and he graduated in 1957 from Dental School. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1953. We have seven children, thirty-two grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.
We would love to hear more about our friend Dickson.

With Love, Elder and Sister Bevan

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