Monday, December 28, 2009

.....December 21-December 28.....

hello again everyone!!

let me just start by saying that as uneventful as my christmas was, talking to you all could not have been more amazing. it definitely gave me the strength i needed to finish this last week of 2009. you all sounded great.

so not much has happened since i last talked to you all, so this email will be fairly short.

we have another district meeting on tuesday, which is ok i guess... however on thursday, the entire misssion except togo and benin are going to grand Bassam, which is the prettiest beach area in the Ivory Coast, for an activity for new year's. it should be fun i guess, i am just excited to see an actual beach, even though we're not allowed to swim. i will be sure to take plenty of pictures to show you. each zone was asked to prepare a presentation for president and mama ayekoué, so our zone is doing a dance. to african music of course, however me and elder cloward are most likely going to steal the show with american stuff, you know, show em how its really done...

thursday, we have leadership training at the mission bureau, where president will probably just "chatier" us (chastize) for our week numbers at the end of the year. so thats how i am spending my new years eve. new years day, i get to go out and teach all day!! but you know, when do i not?

you know whats interesting... in four months, about, i will be calling again for mother's day. when i call, i will have less than a year left.... that's nuts!!!

i received some bad news... Elder Tchare and Elder Cloward are moving back to Cocody soon, so it will be just me and Kouakou in the appartment. that will weird but oh well. its been nice having an english-speaker, but i knew it wouldnt last too long.

a couple we have been teaching is finally getting married, after four long months of waiting to be baptized. that will happen in the first couple weeks of 2010.

i think that the next time i get transferred, i will be going to togo or benin. just saying. fingers crossed, yeh?

well family, that'sall for this week. just know that i love ya and miss you like crazy, all of you. talking to yo all was incredible, and it won't be too long before you hear my voice again. happy new year!!!

your son,

elder call

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