Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 12, 2010

april is absolutely flying by to be honest... i dont mind it.

we had a baptism yesterday, which was awesome. the very first baptism of Angré. even President Ayekoué came. he was so syked and he paid me several nice compliments. we baptized three. finally the curse of angré has been lifted, so we will be getting alot more investigators now. in fact, its already started...

yesterday was ward conference, and it was probably the best sunday so far, other than when Elder Holland came. the members here make a huge deal about ward conferences, so they invited tout le monde. sorry, they invited everyone. we had a solid 40 investigators there. among the 40, they are about 8 who already made up their minds and want to get baptized. it was a pretty awesome sunday.

my companion, Elder Bongoua, got transferred, so my new companion is Elder Sadia. he's about four feet tall. and he talks in a very high pitched-voice, but its ok. my old companion talked too much and was a little bit arrogant, so i'm ok with the change.

on a lighter note, i ate RAT this week. i do not suggest it to anyone. i had the honors of eating the head. good thing i have an iron stomach, my mother and my future wife will be pleased to hear that i am no longer a 'picky eater.'

the taxis in Abidjan are actually on strike, so its kinda hard to get around. oh well, i am totally used to walking by now.

well i hope all is well at home, i am doing alright. the work is finally starting to move along. and yeh i am syked that its almost Mothers' Day, so i will get to talk to you all soon! well, HOPEFULLY you all...

know that i love you all, that i miss you all, but that what i am doing is right. its not easy, but it is right. its easy to keep moving on, when you know that what you are fighting for is right...

much love,

elder call

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