Monday, December 21, 2009

.....December 14 - December 21.....

hello friends and family,

i hope everyone is getting jazzed for christmas on friday. i am certainly excited, as i will be able to talk to you guys!!! so before i get into the juiciness of this past week, i will describe the procedure for fridays calling.....

you will be calling my apartment and i have been given about an hour to talk to everyone. the time difference is five hours, but just to be safe, i am going to call you all briefly to tell you to call me back. just be ready by the phone at 4pm on Friday. that would make it about 9 pm my time. if the time change is only four hours, then hours then it will be closer to 5pm. so just be ready at 4 pm for my "signal."

i am totally syked to talk to everyone and hopefully sara too.

ok so this past week was interesting. we had a last minute mission conference on thursday, which went very well. we sang for the three missionaries that lost their family members; it was the first time that i have ever seen president cry. the spirit was way strong. he said it's been a tought year for him. the rest of the conference went well, as i was excited to see my "whiteys" again (elder legere,elder olson, elder skousen, elder bowman).

here's an interesting story for ya. on the way home, a police officer pulled us over and asked us for our identification. we all had ours, only elder clowards was expired by two months. the guy was willing to let us go, but only if we gave him some money. yeh i was disgusted as we drove away. i had a pathetic feeling for that man. so thanks for the heads up mom and dad, however, we learned that advice the hard way.

another interesting story: after the district meeting on tuesday, we took a taxi back to the ward building for riviera. as we got out of the taxi,another car came speeding by, almost hitting elder tchare; as i stepped back one small step, i realized that there was no ground behind me, and i fell down into a sewer about five feet down. on the way down, i scraped my shins quite nicely, and my pants and shoes were covered in what could only be caca ( yeh that means human waste) up to about my knees. it hurt, it smelled awful, but i wasnt really that embarassed; i was just flat out furious. so i walked the thirty minutes back to the apartment with my companion, looking and smelling like crap. what a lovely day it was. i refuse to wash the shoes or the pants so i just threw them away.

quite a week huh? oh well, ca va aller.

so my plans for friday consist of the same thing i do every friday, except in the morning we are eating at the stake presidents house. fun fun fun .

oh yeh and i opened the box that you sent mom and dad... i couldnt wait any longer; thanks for everything, it was great. just so you know i gave two small packages for the baileys to send off, one for the family and one for sara. they are dvds. hopefully they will make it home ok... it might be awhile though.

well everyone, i hope that the holidays are great for all of you. i will be missing you all terribly and thinking of you all this friday, well pretty much all week actually. i love you and cant wait to talk on friday!!!

joyeux noel et nouvelle annee!!!

votre fils et missionnaire vaillant,

elder call

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