Monday, September 21, 2009

.....September 14-21.....

hello everyone,

sorry this week isn't very exciting. i literally have nothing to say. it was a quick week. we went on splits with a couple of ward missionaries to get a couple more crucial lessons in this week. were going to have three baptized this saturday which is kinda exciting. one of them is Carina. let me tell you about carina. she is the golden investigator that every missionary dreams of finding. she doesnt know much about god, but she wants to. she said she wants to go to our church forever, she wants to leave her old life behind. every lesson, she asks tons of questions and understands every concept we teach. its kinda easy. i am just hoping there isnt a catch. life happens that way sometimes, there's always a catch.

so glad to hear that kelli and the baby are doing well. tell carter that if he doesnt knock it off, when i get home i am gonna invoke some african voodoo on him. only kidding.

so yeh, sorry this week's email kinda stinks... just nothin that great to really talk about. all is well, i am learnig a ton, and my french is improving. i love the work and cant wait to see the changes start to take place in my life.

thanks for all the support and i love you all.

your missionary,

elder call

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