Tuesday, September 29, 2009

.....September 21-28.....

hello family and friends,

so not a very exciting week. we didnt do a whole lot. i do have some fantastic news however. i got my birthday package!!! it was absolutely incredible. and yes most of the food is gone already. i made easy mac for elder n'dri and he absolutely loved it.
mom thanks for the cook book but we dont have an oven. maybe i can use it at the next apartment if im lucky!! the family looks great in all the photos and thanks for the cassette. i have listened to it all at least 30 times already. and i just sent the family a letter and a dvd with some pictures in a separate envelope.

so like i said, not much happened this week. our baptism fell through, but i have gotten used to that. three of the candidates were bumped to the 10th of october, because they had some things that they had to take care of first.

so the goldden investigator i talked about last week, it turns out she has a "catch". her mom wont let her get baptized. we dont know why exactly, so were going to go talk to her. carine was devastated. however, we have another investigator where the same thing happened, and now her dad is letting her get baptized the 10th of october!!! pretty exciting. the lords hand really is in aALL things. we told carine to hang in there and continue to be faithful, God will take care of the rest.

me and elder n'dri are still enjoying each other. tomorrow we have another mission conference already. i cant believe its been 6 weeks since the last one already!! i am prety excited. dad if you talk to phil soon, tell him that yes we are in the appartment accross from the hopital still, and that frere bli says hello.

the sun is starting to really blaze, and my tan is rockin. everythings going alright here in koumassi. nothing really exciting going on. i miss you all very much but i am getting lost in this work, and the time is flying. my french is pretty good, but that hasnt been a problem since about week 3. i love this work its hard being away from those that i love, but i know that this is going to make me so much better, and this willl be a blessing to me and my family for the rest of my life.

oh yeh happy birthday next week mom!!!

well i love you all and pray for you all. cant wait til next week!!!

your african missionary

elder call

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