Monday, September 14, 2009

.....September 7-14.....

hello family and friends,

nothing extremely exciting or out of the ordinary this week. i do have some news that i am quite thrilled about, elder n'dri stayed for another transfer!!! oh i was so dang happy. so all is well in koumassi.

we had another baptism on saturday. i baptized both of our candidates again. i am starting to think that the africans dont really like the water too much. oh well, i am content. there names are pedome affi marie and koffi charles andre. it was another pretty awesome experience. we have another three people getting baptized the 26th of september, so the work is going strong here.

i had yet another encounter with some interesting food.... i ate pongolais. what is pongolais, you ask? oh its anteater. yeh i ate an anteater. it was weird. i really wanna try monkey next.... i will let you all know.

so i was kinda ticked off to see that i have been gaining weight. i had tried to gain for so long, and now that i am in africa of all places, i start gaining. dont you worry now, i still have my adonis-like figure, as i walk alot, work out alot, and not to much the sun enjoys sizzling away some pounds every now and then.

still no package. from anyone. there is another conference on tuesday so i will check with the assistants.

i wrote out the words to several songs from my ipod in english. elder n'dri has been singing his little heart out and it is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. his voice is deep in french, but when he sings in english, its a little like william hung. i love the kid and were still getting along great.

well not much else to say this week. keep me in your prayers as you are all in mine. and try not to worry about whats going on. just have faith. the big man is looking out for me.

i love you all.... until next week!!!

your missionary,

elder call

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