Monday, May 31, 2010

May 24-May 31, 2010

hello my dear family and loved ones,

 this first full week in togo was still pretty dang awesome. it rained alot, and since the roads aren't paved, that creates many problems, but we managed to teach plenty. we have tons of investigators here, compared to cocody,because they are even more receptive here than in ivory coast. we will baptize two on saturday, and then the following saturday, a family of seven. they're nigerian, so ive been teaching in english, which is so incredibly hard now...

 so your probably asking yourselves why i said "yikes" in the subjject box... well i had a nice little conversation with the zone leaders and the first councilor in the mission presidency, president attiogb√©, and they told me some things that rattled my cages a little bit...

 1) president wants my branch to be divided by the end of july

 2) to do this, i need to baptize at least 6 people each month, and reactivate 3 families each month, and i need to get the sacrament meeting attendance up to at least 100 each week.

 3) i need to look for investigators that can become future leaders, because since the church is so new in togo, the branches are not very strong. i need to "train" my branch presidency and totally remodel our branch mission plan before next saturday (the 12th)

 i hate to ask lots of questions, but WHY IN THE HECK IS IT ME?????!!!!

 i will do my best i guess, and keep on putting my faith in the Lord, pretty much all i can do.

 on a lighter note, me and my companion get along very well. we laugh alot and work hard. he's been the most obedient missionary that i've worked with so far, and its only been a week. i like him alot.

 i STILL dont know my address here, so try to email the baileys...

 oh yeh, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE!!! wish i could be there for the picnic, but i will be there for the next one!!!

 well thats really all i can say this week. togo is awesome, but now the work is alot harder, and in stead having the pressure off of me a little, it has been dumped on even heavier, but thats alright. well just know that i love you all, and that i think of you constantly. i cant wait to talk to you all next week.

 much love,

 elder call

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