Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 17th - May 24, 2010


hey family

so day four in Togo, and it owns. its very warm, but lots of wind, so not too terribly hot. its very different here, for sure. there are motorcycles everywhere, the dirt and dust is very red, and it feels alot more like real africa. its very pretty here. church on sunday was interesting. its just a branch, and its very small and new, so the members are still trying to get the hang of things. the missionaries are very heavily depended upon. so i am one of ten missionaries serving here in togo, and our zone is very closely knit. the missionaries here are great. i have heard alot of negative things about my companion, but i will wait to judge him for myself. so far he's been good.

the appartment rocks, there's running water, and its very big. however, no air conditioning as was promised, but at least i am already used to that. kelli, no microwave, and yes send me whatever ties you like. i have not yet received the address for togo, but the bailey's said they'd send it to you. maybe they forgot... i will try and find it.

so everyone has said that hedzranawoé is the hardest secteur in Togo. AWESOME. not sure why i keep getting sent to the toughest areas... guess we'll see.

leaving cote d'ivoire was alot harder than i thought. especially angré. i just missed the baptism of three families i taught. one of which made me an african suit. i will send pictures later. its waay cool.

today, we played soccer as a zone, i suck by the way, then we went to a restaurant and i ate a real cheeseburger, and then we went to a real supermarket. yup, i love togo.

well family, since its only been a few days, i am sure i will have more details next week. just know that i love you all sooo very much, i miss you all, and i cant wait til next week!!

all my love,

elder call

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