Thursday, October 22, 2009

.....October 12-19.....

hello agin family and friends,

this week has been pretty crazy to be honest. alot of changes. first off, i'd like to inform you all that the goat which guards our appartment was killed and eaten by our guardian. we were pleasantly greeted by the head of the goat as we left the appartment friday morning. i'm just alittle miffed that he didnt invite us to eat with him. oh well, perhaps i will cross another in the next year and a half.

we watched "other side of heaven" with a family from the ward. it totally got me jacked to be a missionary. it always touches me to watch that.

in bigger news, ITS OFFICIAL. i am leaving for Riviera on wednesday with elder n'dri. we wont be companions but we will still be in the same appartment there. my new companions name is elder gnohohi, and he's pretty dang awesome. i already knew him from zone conferences. so these next few days will be dedicated to saying our goodbyes. i love our investigators, and its going to be really hard to say goodbye. i hope the missionaries replacing us can pick up right where we left off. however difficult it may be, i am glad to be going because now i can feel like im actually progressing.

so this mission is the most difficult thing i have ever done and most definitely ever will do. but whats keeping me going? i think its the fact that i am not alone. i have a loving family who supports me through all the trials, an incredible group of friends, an amazing girlfriend with an amazing family. and of course, i KNOW without a doubt that the Lord's hand is in this work. i have no doubt about it. this isnt easy, but its so worth it. i am learning and growing every day, my testimony is getting stronger and stronger, not to mention my french, but i know that this is God's work. i I KNOW that His gospel has been restored. i have seen the changes in these peoples' lives. i wish i could describe everything that i see and feel but thirty minutes on a computer is just not long enough. i guess i'll have to wait to share my journal until i get home.

just know that i love you all and i miss you all so very much. somedays are harder than others, but i am doing fine. i am focused on the work and i am trying to lose myself so that Heavenly Father can make me an instrument in His hands. i am trying to give everything i have so that when i return, you will all see the version of me that He had in mind.

thank you for all of your support. keep me in your prayers as you all are in mine. i cant wait to tell you about my first week in riviera next monday!!!

your Ivoirien missionary,

elder call

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