Monday, August 31, 2009

what a week...August 24-31, 2009
hello friends and dear family,
this week was pretty darn awesome to say the least. not an eventful one, as we focused most of our lessons on the investigators who had committed to be baptized saturday. we did not baptize all nine that we had planned, due to some last-minute concerns we found. however, we saw four of our investigators in the baptismal font, and i was in the font with them. my first baptisms ever... i have never felt the spirit so strong in my entire life as when i helped those sisters into the waters of baptism. i ended up personally baptizing SEVEN, because i baptized three sisters from port bouet also. hands down it was the best experience thus far. now i can sort of imagine how a father feels after baptizing his child. it was incredible. dont worry, i took lots of photos that i will be sending next week. their names are : Dje Lou Dje Marie France, Kouadio Aya Rebecca, Kouadio Amenan Marina, and Gbotta Dah Nicole. it was awesome. and on my birthday to say the least!
speaking of my birthday, we bought a small cake which was pretty darn good, and for dinner we ate some kind of animal. i have no idea what it was because my companion was afraid to tell me. all i know is it had a tail. i ate it nonetheless. i also took pictures of that.
one of my investigators stole my french cantiques, so when convenient, if someone could send me one that would be fantastic. sorry to keep asking for things, i know that its expensive.
well theres not much else going on; i look forward to another week of hard work and blistering sun.
thank you all for your support and prayers, keep them coming!!!
your missionary,
elder call

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